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Town Hall Notes

GAB Town Hall Notes – October 29, 2019


The 2020 Monthly Dues will increase by $15 from $135 to $150. 


Our last dues increase was in 2015. We have worked diligently to cut, maintain, and/or eliminate expenditures over the last five years; however, to meet the increase in our landscaping costs as well as our Unit Owners Association (UOA) insurance policy premium, we will need to raise the monthly dues. 


Our landscaping contract was last negotiated four years ago. As mentioned in the conference call, we are currently reviewing bids to other vendors and all result in a  substantial cost increase. We will continue to submit requests for proposals (RFP’s) as well as work with our current vendor to receive better service as well as to maintain our cost until a suitable replacement is found. 


Also, we have experienced a substantial increase in our UOA insurance policy premium due to a high incidence of claims recently. 


ACTION ITEM: To assist us in managing the coverage we need as well as the cost now and in the future, we ask you send a copy of Certificate of Insurance for your insurance policy (HO6 or HO3) to Temera at CMA by December 31, 2019. Her email address is 


Thank you for your help!



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